Ram Nath Kovind elected 14th President of India

The result of India's Presidential election will be out by today evening 5pm and the counting of votes  and now result came out and Sri Ram Nath Kovind is declared as winner.
The fight is between BJP-led NDA candidate RamNath Kovind and Congress-led UPA nominee MeiraKumar.
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As per various reports, Kovind, former Bihar Governor, is set to become the 14 th President of India and is expected to get nearly 70% of the votes.
Ram Nath Kovind, who is Prime Minister NarendraModi's choice, is a Dalit candidate and his name was dubbed as a masterstroke to divide the opposition and keep allies together. His name was also suggested as a move to cement the backward castes.
If elected, Ram Nath Kovind will be the second Dalit President of India after KR Narayanan.
As the counting of votes is underway, here's everything you should know 


Counting of votes is underway at the Parliament House in Room Number 62. The ballot boxes collected from all the states are locked up in the room and the results will be out at 5pm. Counting of votes is happening on four tables and under the supervision of Lok Sabha general secretary Anoop Mishra. There will be eight rounds of counting. Ballot boxes will be opened in the presence of representatives of the two candidates -- Ram Nath Kovind and Meira Kumar -- and the observers of the Election Commission. To become a President, a candidate needs more than 50% of votes, which means 49,452 votes. The Presidential election saw almost 99 per cent voting, the highest ever. A total of 4,895 voters, 4,120 MLAs and 776 elected MPs were eligible to vote.

After wining, Sri Ram Nath Kovind congratulates Meira Kumar for her campaign. Says the rainy weather in Delhi today reminds him of his childhood. He pays tribute to the farmers, oppressed and the poor of the country, and says they should never give up hope. Kovind says he had never thought he would ever become President but will carry out his duties with pride. He finishes off by promising to be a loyal servant of the country.
Meira Kumar graceful after defeat congratulates Kovind and thanks parliamentarians for supporting her candidature. "I send my good wishes to him." I thank Sonia Gandhi and leaders of opposition parties for their support, she says. "My battle for ideology doesn't end. it will continue. The principles that I am fighting are sacred," she says.
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath congratulates Kovind for bagging two-third of the total votes in the presidential race. He thanks and wishes the best for Kovind on behalf of the citizens of Uttar Pradesh. The state would like to welcome and host him after he takes oath as the 14th President of India, he adds. 
Prime Minister Sri Narendra Damodar Das Modi has also commended Meira Kumar in twitter: I also congratulate @meira_kumar Ji for her campaign, which was in spirit of the democratic ethos & values we all are proud of.
Here's what BJP President Amit Shah has to say: The election of Shri Ram Nath Kovind ji is a victory for the poor, downtrodden & marginalised and their aspirations.
Here's what devjiblog has to say the Election of Shri Ram Nath Kovind ji that has says that the winning as India President of India, Congrats to Ram Nath Kovind.