Ratan Tata said to INC Minister Anand Sharma that Politicians could be shameless but not him

One of the Richer Rich of India, Ratan Tata, while refusing to be pressurized by an Indian Politician to trade with Pakistani Industrialists simply told the then Congress minister, Anand Sharma, that he (Sharma) could be shameless, he is not and put the phone down. Sharma was felicitating two frustrated Pakistani industrialists who, after trying all possible means, failed to get an appointment with Tata.
Few months after 26/11, Taj group of Hotels owned by TATA launched their biggest tender ever for remodeling all their Hotels in India and abroad. Some of the Pakistani companies also applied for that tender. To make their bid stronger, two big industrialists from Pakistan visited Bombay House (Head office of Tata) in Mumbai without an appointment to meet up with Ratan Tata since he was not giving them any prior appointment. They were made to wait at the reception of Bombay house and after a few hours, a message was conveyed to them that Ratan Tata is busy and cannot meet anyone without a prior appointment.
Frustrated, these two Pakistani industrialists went to Delhi and through their High Commission met up the then minister, Anand Sharma, who immediately called up Ratan Tata requesting him to meet up with the two Pakistani Industrialists and consider their tender- enthusiastically. Ratan simply replied: “You could be shameless; I am not and put the phone down”.
Few months later when Pakistani government placed an order for Tata Sumos to be imported into Pakistan, Ratan Tata refused to ship a single vehicle to that country. This is his respect and love for his motherland. He placed the nation above money and business.
Not to forget, Ratan is a man of Parsi origin that constitutes one of the two Zoroastrian communities of the Indian subcontinent. His community is minuscule in India but every single one of them has made India proud. While Tata Parivar is full of Patriotism, we have some so-called minorities who are either busy begging freebies or helping Pakistan plant bombs. And when they are caught, they fake victim-hood and make martyrs out of terrorists.
Also, the incident of Ratan Tata has exposed that some of the contemporary Legislators and Parliamentarians, instead of drafting legislation and codifying various practices of the multi-ethnic – cultural Indian society, are either busy in grabbing the musical chair for plum posts, or acting as a mediators for rich and affluent in the society to bag central or state government contracts and supplies, aiming for kickbacks in every project or dealing. They are unknowingly acting as agents even for some vested interest groups or counties.
In most cases, the politicians are acting as mediators between the Government and industrialists. In some cases, the politicians themselves are industrialists hence, limiting the national growth within the affluent; end result: the rich are getting richer while the poor getting poorer; the disparity is so evident in India.
In the case of Ratan Tata, the scar inflected on his Taj group of Hotels on 26/11 is considered as a National Shame due to the external intrusion under the aegis of Pakistan. Hence, he does not want any trading with the country which never misses an opportunity to harm India. His action have kept National Pride above his business, while some of the Indian politicians do not hesitate even to sell the nation if they are benefiting from the deal.
Now, I hope you clearly understand that why the Mr. Rahul Gandhi met with Chinese Embassy, why within 60 years no any real action was taken against the Kashmiri Separatist leaders for making unpeaceful Kashmir, why Congress seeking help for defeat to Narendra Modi.
Now What are against these type anti-nationalist politician like Anand Sharma, Mani Shankar Ayyar, raise your voice against anti-nationalist politician and save your country.
Are you against Anti-nationalist Politician like Congress Leader Anand Sharma?