Yes, I’m very angry with Narendra Modi

Yes, I’m very angry with Narendra Modi for following reason. 1). He works 18–20 hours a day including weekend . Why doesn’t he sleep like Rahul Gandhi in Parliament?. 2).He is more concerned about developing India rather than dividing India . Why doesn’t he simply talk about caste, religion and reservation?. 3). He loves connecting with common Indian people wherever he goes, even in foreign countries. why doesn’t he just fake everything like what Rahul Gandhi does?. 4).He always concerned about young people of India, finding and providing jobs to the youth. why don’t he simply ignore it? 5).I’m angry on modi for initiative like smart city and digital India for connecting remote villages. 6).I’m angry on modi for bringing Swatch Bharat mission , I really want India to be dirty. 7.) I’m angry on modi for making government more transparent and hence decreasing corruption. and thousand more reason to be angry on modi. please comment why your also angry on modi.